Monday, August 24, 2009

From The Beginning - A Quick Overview

I met Alex (not his real name) about 11 years ago. I had met him online and then we started talking on the phone since we lived more than 2 hours away from each other. I loved his voice. There was a sensitivity and strongness about it at the same time but whatever it was I was hooked. We met in person shortly after that and continued building a relationship as we visited each other on weekends. After 5 years of living apart in different cities, we moved to a different city together.

Life was great. I was in my first long term relationship and I was in love with Alex. After about a year, my aunt suffered a stroke and needed someone to help her. I was the one she asked for. I knew I had to do it and Alex said he would be fine. I stayed for 6 months and Alex visited a couple weekends out of each month but to say it was hard to be without him was an understatement.

When I moved back I accidently found files on my computer and after asking Alex found out that he had 11 flings while I was gone. I was hurt and the trust between us non existant after that but I forgave him and we tried to get back to normal. As I write this I also understand the lunancy in this. If someone had told me their significant other had cheated on them then I probably would told  them to tell the other person to piss off. But I wanted the relationship to work no matter what.

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